Schools and University links

Inspiring the next generation of workers is a crucial role of the Council. We work with every high school and sixth form in Rossendale, as well as local universities to ensure local talent is maximised and kept in the Borough.

We partner with the Lancashire Careers Hub to support the Careers education of secondary schools and colleges within Lancashire. We help link Employers with the world of education to help improve career outcomes for young people.

As a local employer you can support schools by volunteering a little of your time to help young people. Making a Lancashire Skills Pledge enables you to choose how you do that.  Read more on the Lancashire Skills Pledge by clicking HERE.

Use your industry knowledge and experience to help young people get work ready or Support a careers leader directly by becoming an Enterprise advisor and working with one particular school or college.

Either option inspires young people to get to know the world of work, understand what work is, explore their options and build real confidence about their future.

Rossendale Borough Council are, and will continue to be a Lancashire Skills Pledge Member.

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Rossendale Borough Council are a Lancashire Skills Pledge member