Business Rates Relief

Rossendale Council would like to support Rossendale based SMEs complying with state aid limits through their expansions plans and as such, have introduced an application process for NNDR relief, which is awarded on a discretionary basis. Priorities for the relief are as follows:

A business:

– expanding the building footprint of the current Rossendale based site

– relocating or expanding into a building in Rossendale that is currently zero rated and as a result of refurbishment will become VOA rated (mainly derelict buildings)

– relocating onto a new employment site in Rossendale

– expanding or relocating into a semi-derelict building that has been unused for business purposes for at least 1 year

Please request an application form by emailing

A carefully selected panel will assess submissions during meetings arranged on a monthly basis.

Award of NNDR relief:

The discretionary award of NNDR relief takes into account both a) the current state of the building or land that the company is planning to purchase or lease and also b) the salary levels of new jobs created as a result of the relocation. Up to 40% of relief award is available in year one with half allocated to element a) and half allocated to element b).

The relief award in Year 2 is 60% of the Year 1 award and the relief award in Year 3 is 30% of the Year 1 award.

The maximum relief available for the building element is 20%

There are four stages of how severe the works required to the building/land are and the rate relief, the more extensive the works required, the greater the relief available.

A member of the Economic Development Team will inspect the proposed site prior to recommend the category of the building. It is important that you provide us with evidence of structural repairs that will be necessary.

Please note that buildings or land requiring extensive works will be awarded the maximum 20% that is available for this category.

The maximum relief available for the job creation element is 20%

 Every new job that the company commits to creating that pays a minimum of the real living wage (£9.21 per hour as of April 2021 inspired by the living wage campaign) as a result of their relocation will receive a 1% relief award. It is important that you detail the wage rates of additional staff as we will give a higher rating for highly skilled and paid staff.

If successful with your application for relief, you will be required to engage with the Council’s media team who will complete a press release about the company and the award process. Your company will also be encouraged to be a Rossendale Champion wherever possible and will be monitored on an annual basis during the award period to ensure targets such as job creation are met. These will be outlined at the award stage.

In Rossendale, NNDR is allocated as follows:

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) 50%
Lancashire County Council 9%
Fire Service 1%
Rossendale Council  40%