Haslingden Town Centre

Haslingden is at the cusp of transformation with two significant capital regeneration projects reshaping its historic town centre: The Big Lamp Project and the Haslingden Market regeneration scheme.

The Big Lamp Project, generously funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to the tune of £1.8 million, supplemented by a £200,000 contribution from the Council and private owner investments, will unfold over a five-year period until 2026. This ambitious scheme endeavour aims to revitalise Higher Deardengate with comprehensive shop front improvements and the creation of a spacious public realm at its summit.

Stay in the loop about the latest developments with the Big Lamp Project by visiting the Haslingden 2040 website for updates.

The Haslingden Market scheme promises a rejuvenation of a once-underutilised market space. With the honour of holding the charter for the oldest street market, Haslingden’s identity as a market town is deeply ingrained. This market will be reopening in early Summer 2024.

For those intrigued by the prospect of trading at Haslingden Market, enquiries can be directed to markets@rossendalebc.gov.uk.

Beyond the historic town centre, Carrs Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Haslingden buzzes with activity, serving as the home of numerous valley businesses. Situated adjacent to the A56, this area offers convenient access to the M66, linking Haslingden to metropolitan hubs such as Manchester, Leeds, and beyond.