Creative Industries

Rossendale is a vibrant haven for the creative arts, boasting a diverse community of talented individuals spanning a spectrum of disciplines. From painters to sculptors, musicians to performers, the valley pulses with artistic energy.

Nestled within its scenic confines lie two esteemed Arts Council ‘National Portfolio Organisations’: Horse + Bamboo Theatre and The Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery. These institutions serve as beacons of creativity, fostering cultural enrichment and artistic expression within the community.

Beyond these flagship organisations, Rossendale teems with a wealth of artistic talent waiting to be discovered. Its picturesque landscapes and rich heritage inspire painters to capture its beauty on canvas, while sculptors carve their visions into tangible forms. The rhythmic beats of musicians reverberate through its valleys, enriching the cultural tapestry.

In Rossendale, creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re seeking visual inspiration, auditory delights, or immersive theatrical experiences, this hidden gem promises a journey into the heart of artistic expression.