Advanced Manufacturing

Rossendale’s manufacturing legacy runs deep, woven into the fabric of its history since the height of the Industrial Revolution.

At its zenith, this valley was renowned for its craftsmanship, particularly in the production of footwear, notably slippers. Once hailed as the epicenter of British footwear manufacturing, Rossendale proudly boasts its place as the birthplace of the very first pair of slippers.

The county’s textile industry spearheaded revolutionary advancements, embracing steam power and pioneering the factory-based production system. This rich heritage endures, etched into the landscape by the towering mills that still dot the region today.

While the echoes of shoe manufacturing have faded, outsourced to distant shores, Rossendale remains a vibrant hub for diverse manufacturing enterprises. These firms, many at the vanguard of their respective industries, continue to drive innovation and shape the future.

Nowadays we no longer have any shoe manufacuring in the valley as it was mostly outsourced to other countries around the world. However, that hasn’t stopped Rossendale from being home to a myriad of other manufacturing businesses. Many of these manufacturing firms are industry leaders and are paving the way with new and exciting innovation.

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